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Over 50 years of experience in real estate development, construction management, public private partnerships and various financing solutions.


Completion of over 1 million square feet and 3,500 beds of development at the following campuses:

• Indiana University

• University of Kentucky

• Cleveland State University

• Miami University

• Kent State University

• Case Western Reserve University


our expertise

Full service real estate development company with expertise in institutional and student housing developments.

  • Our organizational structure is designed to facilitate entrepreneurial innovation within short time frames. This is achieved by organizing each project around project development teams that independently evaluate and develop project programs.NewBrook coordinates and administers all aspects of the development, construction, finance and management of a project

  • We do not rely on pre-programmed formulas for our projects, but rather tailor each project independently depending on the expectations of the end user


  • We work closely and collaboratively with each of our partnerships to understand their goals for new projects and initiatives. Each solution is distinct and created based upon the vision of the partnership

  • Working in partnership with universities or doing market projects on our own, we help meet the increasing needs for the next generation of students without involving the universities in the cost and complexity of construction, design, municipal approval process, and financing.


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